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State of the Art STD Testing has created the most effective online solution for Sexually Transmitted Disease testing on the market. We have actually worked tirelessly throughout the years to create partnerships with laboratories all across the greater Columbus area so you, the individual, can have versatile options in regards to where and when you obtain STD testing. We know you're busy and also commonly our sexual wellness is among the last points we think of in our daily schedule, but sadly making sure that we are sexually healthy and balanced is among one of the most vital things we need to carry out in our adult life.

Our digital office allows you to purchase your laboratory tests from the convenience of your home and choose a location that's right for you, whether it be down the street from your home or nearby from your workplace-- just select your test, pick your location and come in at any point throughout the day with your printed order form. Our receptionists will be ready for you as well as screening generally takes less than 30 minutes, no appointment necessary.

We take your sexual health seriously: all of our labs are evaluated and also kept in top medical shape. We appreciate your right to personal privacy and put our track record behind our service.


Comprehensive Testing Kits

STDAware Columbus is proud to provide the residents of Columbus, Ohio with the industry's most comprehensive STD testing option. Our common 8 panel examination set scans for the most usual sexually transmitted diseases located today. Our HSV-1 Herpes detection searches for the existence of IGG antibodies as well as could notify you to a herpes infection within 4 weeks of coming in contact with the infection. Chlamydia is spotted through the presence of the rRNA molecule which the human body creates upon becoming infected with c. Trachomatis. Gonorrhea's N gonorrhoeae germs is additionally found via rRNA evaluation and also a straightforward blood sample allows us to identify if Syphilis is in your blood stream. If you think you might have come in contact with one of the Hepatitis liver infections, our 8 examination panel will certainly tell you. Although the very best value and doctor suggested examination panel is our 8 test panel, you might also purchase any of our examinations individually.

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Private and Confidential Testing Procedures

The accuracy of our tests as well as personal privacy of our customers are our 2 key concerns. When you order via STDAware Columbus, felt confident that payment statements and also financial transactions will certainly have no mention of the solutions you purchased. Every one of our companion labs offer screening for various problems; you will resemble a normal person obtaining a checkup or other common clinical procedure.

Results are delivered directly to your e-mail as well as you, as the test purchaser, will certainly be the only certified party to obtain testing outcomes or details. We keep laboratory results on a HIPPA compliant web server in an encrypted PDF file that you and you alone could access. Have peace of mind both that you are getting a Sexually Transmitted Disease examination, as well as the STD results, will continue to be private between you and also our physicians.


Fastest Test Results Possible

Throughout the years, one of the main issues of our patients was the time it took in between taking a test and getting the results. Some testing labs do not bother to return results to the patient if they are negative. Because of this, we have done everything in our power to reduce that time. We understand that numerous patients sit around nervously for their test results and we, like you, do not enjoy that.

All our laboratories return outcomes within 3 days at a maximum as well as most test outcomes get to your hand within two Days. We provide instant accessibility using phone to our medical professionals for any positive screening result so we will help you establish exactly what the best course of treatment is. Your sexual health and wellness is our #1 concern.

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